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The company was established in November 2016, and the factory is located in huitong road (industrial park), wangsi town, dayi county, chengdu city, sichuan province. It covers an area of 11,000 square meters, including 2,000 square meters office and research building ,9000 square meters standard workshop 9000 square meters. The registered capital of 20 million, actual investment of 27 million,and there are 40 employees and 10 technicians .The factory has strong production capacity such as solid preparations 350 tons / year, oral liquid preparations 350 tons / year, soft capsules and other health food production lines 100 tons / year, food and beverages total 800 tons / year, nutritious foods total 200 tons / year. Cosmetic products 200 tons / year.
The company is fully equipped and meets GMP standards. There are raw material (extraction), oral liquid, substitute tea, powder, tablets, granules, capsules and food (SC certificate) production lines.There are manufacturing department, quality assurance department, finance department, human resources department, general manager office, audit department, marketing department, sales company, technical center, security department and other departments.The company mainly produces health food, health food, special medical food, with advanced production lines and testing equipment,based on "healthy life" business philosophy and focus on pure natural health products.
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Skin care / Hair care
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Daily care
Production Equipment
RO reverse osmosis pure water machine锛寁acuum emulsification tank, vacuum storage tank, paste filling machine锛孡iquid washing homogeneous mixer锛孡iquid filling machine锛孌rying and sterilizing machine, conveying table, inkjet printer, labeling machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, shrink film machine, etc.
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