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Run Capacitor for sale

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Run Capacitor for sale  Overview
The running capacitor keeps running with the motor. Its main function is to balance the electromagnetic relationship between the main winding and the secondary winding, reduce the electromagnetic dead angle, so as to maximize the power of the motor and reduce the noise and vibration. Single Run Capacitor is made of double coated metallized polypropylene film through special winding equipment and process.
Single Run Capacitor can withstand high frequency, high current, high insulation resistance and high voltage 2000V and 2500V. The temperature coefficient of capacitance is small, and the temperature resistance of capacitance is up to 110 掳 C. It has excellent flame retardancy, low self inductance, high stability and self-healing. It is used in high voltage, high frequency and pulse circuits. It is specially designed for resonant circuit of high-power driving power supply and used in high-power power power supply, absorption and Src rectifier circuit.
Products Overall Meas.:
Technical parameter
Dielectricmetallized polypropylene fim
Case and coverPla-PP Pla-ABS
FixingM8 fixing stud (on request)
6.3x0.8 mm single or double Fast-on terminals,
TerminalsDouble insulated cable or two single wire
Climatic category25/70/21; 25/85/21
Rated capacitance1-120渭F
Rated voltage100VAC~~630VAC
Capacitance tolerance卤5%,卤10%,-5% +10%
Rated frequency50/60Hz
Max working voltage1,1Un at 50Hz
Test voltage between
terminals2 Un for 2 sec.50 Hz
Test voltage between terminals and case2000 Vac for 2 sec.
Class of safety protectionS0 or S3
Insulation resistance:T-T鈮?000M惟
Products Overall Meas.:
After-Sales service:
1. More than 15 year's experience in capacitor field about UL,CQC.TUC,CE VDE approval production.
2. We will provide free samples according to your demand.
3. Your inquiry and question will be answered very soon.
Packed, Package:
1. Each capacitor in a colour box, 50 or 100pcs per carton.
2. One capacitor in a design box, 10 design box a middle box, then 5 middle box in a carton.
3. No design box, only 50 or 100pcs in a checkerboard carton
4. No singe box, only 100pcs in a carton.
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»  »  » Run Capacitor for sale