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»  »  » Water Electrolysis Market: A Breakdown of the Industry by Technology,

Water Electrolysis Market: A Breakdown of the Industry by Technology,

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The reports authors have offered necessary details on the latest Water Electrolysis Market trends and the crucial parameters impacting both short-term and long-term market growth. Its panoramic view of the Water Electrolysis Market entails useful insights into the estimated Water Electrolysis Market size, revenue share, and sales & distribution networks. Such helpful market insights are bound to help readers outline this industrys key outcomes in the near future.

The global water electrolysis market size was USD 400.2 Million in 2021 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 35.3% over the forecast period, according to the latest analysis by Emergen Research. Rising demand for hydrogen fuel cells and increasing popularity of green fertilizers due to surge in demand for sustainable farming practices are major factors driving market revenue growth. In addition, increase in greenhouse emissions has led to rise in global warming, which is further expected to drive revenue growth of the market.

Rising demand for hydrogen fuel cells across various industry verticals is expected to increase demand for water electrolysis. Hydrogen fuel is easily accessible and manufactured effectively utilizing electrolysis with energy from renewable sources or as a petroleum byproduct. In addition, bypassing lengthy charge times needed by today's batteries, it may be quickly refueled and transported as a liquid or pressurized gas, which is suitable for larger-scale commercial applications such as heavy-duty trucking, hence driving revenue growth of the market.

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Some Key Highlights from the Report:

On 03 August 2022, Air Products and Chemical Inc. announced to build, own, and operate a 10 metric ton per day facility to produce green liquid hydrogen in Casa Grande, Arizona. It is anticipated that zero-carbon liquid hydrogen facility would go online in 2023. Its product will be marketed to California hydrogen for mobility market and other places that need zero-carbon hydrogen.
The Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer segment revenue is expected to account for largest share over the forecast period. PEM water electrolysis systems have several advantages, including higher hydrogen production rates, more compact designs, and greater energy effectiveness. This can drive market revenue growth significantly.
Market Scope:

One of the reports central components is the broad Water Electrolysis market segmentation that includes the product type gamut, application spectrum, end-user industry landscape, significant geographical regions, and the top market contenders. The report contains unbiased industry expert opinions on the current market scenario, past market performance, production & consumption rates, demand & supply ratio, and revenue generation forecasts over the estimated period. The key players financial positions, along with their gross profits, sales volumes, sales revenue, manufacturing costs, and other financial ratios, have been accurately gauged in the report. Furthermore, several analytical tools like investment assessment, SWOT analysis, and Porters Five Forces Analysis have been implemented by our analysts team to evaluate the production and distribution capacities of the Water Electrolysis market players.

The leading market contenders listed in the report are:

Thyssenkrupp Nucera, Linde plc, Air Products and Chemical Inc., Siemens AG, ProtonOnsite, Teledyne Technologies Inc., Plug Power Inc., Cummins Inc., Erre Due SpA, and Peak Scientific Instruments

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Market Segmentations of the Water Electrolysis Market

This market is segmented based on Types, Applications, and Regions. The growth of each segment provides accurate forecasts related to production and sales by Types and Applications, in terms of volume and value for the forecast period.

Product Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 20192030)
Alkaline Electrolyzer
Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer
Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell (SOEC)
Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) Electrolyzers
Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 20192030)
Refining Industry
Power and Energy Storage
Ammonia Production
Methanol Production
Transportation Industry
Regional Analysis:

North America,
Latin America,
Asia Pacific,
and Middle East & Africa
In conclusion, the Water Electrolysis Market report is an exhaustive database that will help readers formulate lucrative strategies. The Water Electrolysis Market report studies the latest economic scenario with value, drivers, constraints, growth opportunities, challenges, demand and supply ratio, production capacity, import/export status, growth rate, and others. Additionally, the report also undertakes SWOT Analysis and Porters Five Forces Analysis to study the leading companies.

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»  »  » Water Electrolysis Market: A Breakdown of the Industry by Technology,